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Break in Forcalquier
A mini-break in Forcalquier
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Last minute special offers

To ensure you the best option, this offer is only available through our website and cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable.

Fête du Gôut
Our gourmet getaways in Forcalquier
Getting around
Around spring
  • Fashion show in the garden
  • A treat for the senses! Lingerie, swimwear, wedding dresses
  • Saturday 14 lunch and evening
Mothers' Day
Treat your mum like a queen! - Mother’s Day Special
Early Booking
Early Booking | Save money by booking in advance
Massages at La Campagne St Lazare in Forcalquier
Our well-being getaways for sheer relaxation …

La Campagne St Lazare knows just how to care for your well-being and help you relax in complete tranquillity.

My holiday

Go on holiday to recharge my batteries: unusual, consult the history of our housealternative places, countryside

last minute
Advanced Bookings

Book in advance. It’s cheaper!

Best of rate La Campagne St Lazare Forcalquier | breakfast included
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fruits et légumes

Eat in a balanced manner, organic food, the local farmers near where I live.

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