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Fête du Gôut
Our gourmet getaways in Forcalquier
Getting around
Break in Forcalquier
A mini-break in Forcalquier
Around spring
  • Fashion show in the garden
  • A treat for the senses! Lingerie, swimwear, wedding dresses
  • Saturday 14 lunch and evening
Optimise my health and revitalise my senses

Naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, Bach Flowers, Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, food supplements, nutrition and healthy eating, and more.

Mothers' Day
Treat your mum like a queen! - Mother’s Day Special
barbecue pool
Swimming and relaxation in Forcalquier!
eau detente femme
Healthy movement outdoors - Yoga

Healthy movement, outdoors or indoors.

Early Booking
Early Booking | Save money by booking in advance
Massages at La Campagne St Lazare in Forcalquier
Our well-being getaways for sheer relaxation …

La Campagne St Lazare knows just how to care for your well-being and help you relax in complete tranquillity.

My holiday

Go on holiday to recharge my batteries: unusual, consult the history of our housealternative places, countryside

last minute
Advanced Bookings

Book in advance. It’s cheaper!

Best of rate La Campagne St Lazare Forcalquier | breakfast included
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fruits et légumes

Eat in a balanced manner, organic food, the local farmers near where I live.

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