Nature and adventure!

Discover our preserved natural environment during a digital orienteering course: the St Lazare Challenge! 

An Explor Games game that will offer you the chance to discover the secrets of our park while you have fun: with friends, family or during meetings and Team Building seminars to create and tighten bonds between your teams. The chance to learn while you have fun! A good ambience, conviviality and sharing guaranteed!

waterfall at La Campagne St Lazare

Our natural values

Natural living

For all people who are concerned about nature and the environment, who are interested in ecology and sustainable development, who want to consume responsibly.

For all those who want to live better, discover or rediscover their balance, go through life with more serenity. 

route at La Campagne St Lazare

If we take nature as our guide, we will never lose our way.



19h : défilé dans le jardin maillot de bain & lingerie

21h : soirée dansante Latino by SamiA

Entrée libre

Restauration en sup. sur réservation au 06 80 40 73 58

7pm: Swimwear & lingerie fashion parade

9pm: Latino dance evening with SamiA

Free entry

Meal on request for a supplementary fee. Please call 06 80 40 73 58 to reserve.

La Campagne St Lazare knows just how to care for your well-being and help you relax in complete tranquillity.

Experience our natural, zen approach through our selection of natural therapies.  Make an appointment to receive advice and treatment for naturopathy, aromatherapy and phytotherapy … the perfect way to recharge your batteries!

The well-being getaway offer is valid for 2 people for one night depending on the accommodation you chose. The offer includes breakfast and a free therapy consultation and session.

Eat in a balanced manner, organic food, the local farmers near where I live.

Go on holiday to recharge my batteries: unusual, consult the history of our housealternative places, countryside

What are the best modes of transport to reduce my carbon footprint?

What will transport be like in the future?