Our biodiversity trail

Our Biodiversity trail, in the superb park, which benefits from an "exceptional tree collection" label, will provide the opportunity to discover the beauty and diversity of these Provencal lands via an interpretation trail.

Just follow the orange signs. Different ecosystems can be found at La Campagne St Lazare: pasture, forest, aquatic environment (stream, pond).

Nature offers so much to contemplate that it is sometimes enough to just enjoy a walk in the surroundings to discover them. Driven by a desire to share the natural treasures of our site, this trail brings together various environmental themes - such as water, energy, botany - in order to share a "nature" moment with you, a walk that will help you to improve your knowledge and take full advantage of your stay.

On the programme of your adventure: the educational vegetable garden, the pond, the floral pasture, the aquatic environments, and aromatic plants.

At the reception, you will be provided with the QR code that will allow you to download to your smartphone the descriptions for your walk in this haven of peace on the trail of the natural treasures and variety of Haute-Provence.

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Dancing is speaking.
Dancing with Trees is speaking with the body and the mind.

Our well-being getaways for sheer relaxation …

La Campagne St Lazare knows just how to care for your well-being and help you relax in complete tranquillity.


Eat in a balanced manner, organic food, the local farmers near where I live.

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European Eco-label

Today, the environment is a concern for all of us. La Campagne St Lazare lies in the heart of an exceptional heritage and environment in the Luberon Regional Nature Park. The entire team participates actively in preserving this outstanding treasure and is committed to an environmental approach which aims to protect the region's natural resources.

In order to validate our approach, we apply the guidelines of the European Ecolabel for tourist accommodation. This official label is a sign of environmental quality certified by AFNOR Certification® and is valid throughout Europe.

Thanks to this certification, our establishment contributes actively to:

  • the use of renewable energy sources;
  • savings in energy and water;
  • the reduction in waste production;
  • the improvement of the local environment.

To date, many actions have been set up:

  • Use of Ecolabel cleaning products in order to reduce the amount of pollutants in waste water;
  • Collection of recyclable waste along with a sorting policy;
  • Installation of water-saving equipment adapted to the comfort of our guests;
  • Installation of energy-saving light bulbs.

This approach concerns all those involved in the establishment's everyday life: management, staff, suppliers and guests. Thus, each person, at their own level, can contribute to preserving this region recognised as a Regional Nature Park.

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